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Professional UX design services are now available to small businesses in order to gain a competitive advantage. Wordify’s UX services assist in the creation of popular products and experiences. Wordify works with local businesses and startups to complement their design teams in order to create digital strategies and achieve their business objectives.

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User Experience Design

Did you know that UX design has one of the highest ROIs of any business investment?

Branding • Creativity • UX/UI

We know this because all of our clients enjoy the benefits of UX design. User Experience Design (UX) is a methodology. It takes the guesswork out of digital design and allows everyone involved (from customers to developers to CEOs) to contribute to the success of a digital product.

Our skilled UX team creates highly engaging digital experiences that engage the senses and influence the customer. We’ve been doing it for many years for well-known local businesses. We are now offering our expertise to local businesses looking to expand.

UX Design Benefits

Why work with us?

At Wordify, experienced designers collaborate with developers to create visually stunning, valuable, and useful digital products and services.

We’ve spent years working with start-ups, small businesses, in-house teams, agencies, and entrepreneurs in Calgary and throughout Alberta. We offer not only our time, but also all of our experience.

Best Practices

The Design Sprint is a one-week collaborative process for innovating and testing products. We collaborate with your employees to create and test a prototype with real users.

We can help you create a new product from scratch, innovate an existing product or service, or simply answer a difficult question.

What can you do to improve your user experience design and customer journey?

Our expert UX designers provide valuable insight into your product and make recommendations to improve your KPIs and user experience.

Do you want to know what your clients want? Let’s find out what’s going on in the market and how we can work together to grow your product.

We’ll figure out what your ideal product is and how it should look.

Improve your company’s credibility, value, and professionalism. Our designers will assist you in elevating your branding to world-class levels, as well as creating stunning mock-ups and presentations for partners and investors.

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UX Design Consultant

Form, Function, ROI

More than 70% of customer journeys start on the web. Much of that is through Google search. Your website architecture, web design and user experience affect your:

  • Brand Credibility: 75% of users decide whether or not to trust your brand within seconds of visiting your website.
  • SERP Ranking: Google’s RankBrain algorithm looks at factors like bounce rate, pages per session, and dwell time to determine how easy it is for users to navigate your site.
  • Conversion Rates: Clear calls-to-action and other strategic user experience and web design elements influence whether site visitors will continue to engage with your brand.
  • Bottom Line: UX and design have an incalculable, if not profound, impact on your company’s bottom line, from search rankings to missed opportunities


If you have a website, ensure that your UX strategy is putting it to good use for your company.
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  • Brand Credibility

  • Search Visibility

  • Website Usability

  • User Engagement

  • Conversion Rates

  • ROI

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Why UX Design Matters

When designing or updating your website, the most important factor to consider is the user experience. User interactions are the ultimate measure of how effective your website is, regardless of how much useful information or features you have on it.

The goal of user experience design is to ensure that your website looks great, organizes content intuitively, and functions smoothly. With these elements, visitors can find the information they need and feel encouraged to engage with your brand further.

SEO is also influenced by UX elements. Search algorithms prioritise features such as mobile responsiveness and page speed, both of which are critical for a positive user experience. Furthermore, poor UX frustrates visitors, increasing bounce rates and decreasing time spent on page. These metrics also have an impact on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Great UX contributes to digital marketing efforts by making interacting with your website a pleasurable experience that users will want to repeat.

Video Marketing

Because video is a visually-oriented medium, it is especially effective at capturing someone's attention. Instead of forcing visitors to read long pages of text, video allows you to summarize complex ideas in a matter of minutes. While text can become tedious after a few seconds, video keeps viewers engaged from beginning to end.

Downloadable Content

Another great way to keep someone's attention is to provide them with downloadable content. Most downloads are in the form of file containing resources or a text-based PDF crammed with insider information. This content is also great for generating new leads because you can gate it and ask for someone's email address before they download the materials.


Keep people's attention by using simplified, easy-to-understand visualizations to present industry-related data. Despite the fact that hundreds of new infographics are released every day, you can still earn traffic, attention, and links for infographics by maintaining a higher quality standard than your competitors.

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