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Social media management provides businesses with new opportunities to connect with online users, particularly people in their target demographic. These connections can lead to increased website traffic and, eventually, sales. However, first, an effective plan must be implemented.

Social Media Marketing Services in Calgary

Social Media Services​​

Social Media Management and Setup Calgary

Wordify provides Social Media Services for Small Businesses & Startups

Our competitors rarely provide a clear direction or set of goals for Social Media Management.

The ultimate purpose of marketing for every company is to gain consumers and increase sales. Online marketing is more critical than ever in today’s digital world. Any B2C company that does not adopt digital marketing risks losing a lot of money. But where do you begin when it comes to online marketing? Begin with social media.

We’ll manage your small business’s social media with Wordify’s affordable social media management services. Allow our expert social media managers to post high-quality content like graphics, handpicked links, videos, and so on, as well as manage your social media community and ads!
We have over 10 years of expertise managing small business social media.

Our social media management services will take care of social media for you, and we can also advise you on other marketing efforts to help you make the most of it. Our mission is to assist you in generating more consumers using social media.

Don’t let your brand image suffer on social media. Begin working with us right away!

Results Driven Approach

What is Social Media Management?

Our social media management company takes pride in providing our clients with digital marketing skills that will propel them to long-term success. So, if you’re concerned that you’re not up to speed on social media strategy, don’t be – consider us your friendly industry specialists who are more than willing to assist.

Let’s start with the fundamentals: what exactly is social media advertising?

On the surface, social media management promotes your products and/or services through social media channels and sites. However, upon closer inspection, it is much more than that. A social media strategy is the creation of tailored content that is intended to promote engagement, increase brand awareness, and tell your business’s narrative in an engaging way.

Best Social Media Management Practices

Improvisation might create positive results at times, but to get the most out of social media, you must plan ahead of time (or else you risk wasting time and energy in your marketing efforts).

To get there, you need a goal and a plan. (The goal is your social media strategy in general—the big picture.) The objectives are your social media tactics, which include the tools and methods for achieving that aim.)

Whether you’re considering a wholly organic approach to social media management or a few paid efforts, your team will require a budget.

With a social media management budget plan, you’ll know how much money you can set aside for everything from social media management tools to collaborations.

You’ll need a steady stream of content to publish as you create and grow your brand’s social media accounts.

Effective social media management necessitates the publication of the correct type of material at the right time, from focused campaigns to evergreen posts.

You may expect your target audience to engage if the social media material you create resonates with them. Managing engagement can take a lot of work, from likes and comments to shares and mentions to direct messages (DMs) and reposts.

Create a workflow for you and your team to follow in order to successfully respond to engagement and monitor your brand.

What does our social media management services include?


Social media marketers in Calgary

It makes sense that people would be curious in what social media management entails given the broad definition of the term. You want to know what areas to concentrate your efforts on and how much time social media will take.

Keep reading to learn more about these social media management practices for businesses!
Our Social Media Management focuses on the following:
  1. Auditing your existing social media strategy
  2. Researching your target audience
  3. Choosing your social media platforms
  4. Creating your social media strategy
  5. Designing your social media profiles
  6. Developing your social media ads
  7. Building your social media content calendar
  8. Creating platform-specific social media content
  9. Responding to your social media followers
  10. Growing your social reach
  11. Monitoring your social media performance

If you’re struggling with Social Media Management, you’re not alone.

Many businesses, including your competitors, attempt to launch and maintain social campaigns. Explore and invest in social media management services to stay ahead of the competition and fully utilize social media.


Why invest in social media management services?

Your business has a fantastic potential to grow through the use of social media. Setting aside the time and resources for social media management can be difficult for many firms, especially small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs).

Save Yourself Time

One of the most common reasons companies abandon social media is a lack of time. When you hire a social media agency, you are getting a partner who will handle all of your social media efforts. You save time without giving up a revenue-generating channel.

As a result, many businesses invest in social media management services, which provide the following benefits:

You get a Social Media Specialist

Wordify's professional social media management services will also connect you with a specialist. You don't have to worry about the time or cost of hiring an in-house social media specialist. Instead, you can immediately gain access to our expertise.

Obtain a Quality Strategy

Wordify keeps your social media strategy active and up to date. We continuously (and proactively) monitor and improve your approach in order to achieve the desired results, from brand awareness to leads to sales.

Achieve Aggressive Goals

Your company, like most, is probably looking for measurable results from social media. You might even have some lofty objectives, such as reaching a certain number of followers. A specialized social media agency such as Wordify can assist you in achieving these objectives.

Our Proven SEO Services In Calgary Will Increase Traffic To Your Website.


As a service, we optimize Google My Business listings to help you gain local customers.

We’ve invested in the most recent Google My Business services, such as training, management tools, and reporting, to provide our clients with the best chance of outranking their competitors. This gives them an advantage in gaining customers through Google Search and Maps, as well as making your company more visible in search results.

Increase Local Search Visibility

You'll need an optimized Google My Business listing if you're serious about targeting local consumers and increasing your local search visibility. Your free Google My Business profile promotes customer engagement across Google and Google Maps.

Get More Customer Reviews

Positive reviews can have a direct massive impact on sales. We have fantastic tools and management strategies for Google My Business to help you collect more 5-star reviews than ever before.

Improved Info For Local Customers

A well-optimized Google My Business profile provides Google and local customers with a wealth of business information. It offers a robust search presence, which appears in a prominent knowledge panel next to search results. This can include services such as Google Map listings and much more.

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