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Our Wordify web design professionals constantly deliver one-of-a-kind, design-forward websites developed with cutting-edge technology, SEO enhancements, and revenue-driving marketing tactics backed up by branded social media campaigns that expedite sales lead generation and customer engagement.

Website Design Services​​

Web Designer Calgary

Our web design services will significantly improve your company’s internet presence.

Branding • Creativity • UX/UI

Wordify has built and continues to cultivate a multi-channel digital marketing firm with super creative skills in all things marketing-related as a premier Alberta-based website design and development company. Our mission is to realize the client’s needs and desires, producing bottom-line results and superior ROI, through industry-leading digital design and development, optimized social media strategies, and effective PR campaigns.

Company Website Design

Our Website Design Process

We engage with you to design an all-encompassing experience that takes your customers through your digital marketing presence and gives clarity that converts into results, from first brand communication to end-user site.

Our Calgary-based digital marketing business is committed to producing top-tier solutions no matter where you are in the world or what marketing goals you have. We create and deliver client strategies that design, refine, and improve brand strategy and clear messaging to generate actionable leads and targeted website visitors.

Best Practices

A company’s website design and development might be aided by using digital consulting services. A good website is essential. Consultants work with clients to improve the quality of their websites.

SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing, Video Marketing, and Paid Advertising are all important aspects of online marketing. Consultants assist companies with existing marketing investments, missing approaches, and a variety of other issues.

The Internet is now being used in sales strategies. Consultants assist businesses and individuals with sales strategy. Sales strategies are evaluated, adjusted, and new ways used as needed. Improvements in sales are made.

Consulting services are used to find, advise on, and improve digital products. Consultants work with clients to ensure that the most up-to-date technological applications are used to improve results.

Web Development Calgary

WordPress Sites

We'll show you how to create modern digital consumer engagements.

UX Design

Develop smarter products and customized services by better utilizing digital data.

UI Design

Produce smarter products and personalized services, utilizing digital data.

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Web Design Company in Calgary

Improve The Appearance and Performance Of Your Website

Wordify understands that developing a website for a small business can be difficult and time-consuming. We take pleasure in our openness and flexibility, which allows us to analyze your platform and prioritize the work that needs to be done, ensuring that we prioritize the improvements that will have the most impact on ROI and results.

With website development, you may speed up and control your company’s image. The usage of best practice functionality will make the user’s experience across the website as fluid as possible, enhancing the brand’s experience and value.

From site speed optimization to navigation upgrades, custom forms and capabilities, website redesign, new pages, categories, or whole platform developments, our web development agency believes in tailored solutions for your business’s long-term success as well as to accelerate your marketing.

Website Design Company Calgary
  • Responsive website design
  • Custom forms and tools
  • Booking, calendar and software integration
  • Version updates and migrations
  • Site speed optimization
  • Complete website rebuilds

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Get a Custom Website Optimized for SEO and Mobile

Are you just getting started with your website? Or have you contemplated a website redesign and are dissatisfied with the possibilities available? You are in an ideal position for SEO-friendly website design and development, regardless of where you are in the web development process.

Let’s Get This Ball Rolling.

Our experienced web design and web development services keep your business goals in mind at every step, whether we’re optimising existing site architecture, adding code to improve search results, or creating a new responsive website.


Built Right the First Time

For web design and development, starting with an SEO foundation is excellent. It will make future website development changes a lot easier. 

Website Rebuilds

If you have a working website that has been online for several years, it is not too late to design a new one. Whatever your web presence's objectives are – e-commerce, lead generation, or simply a lot of traffic – we have a web design and development team that can make them a reality. 

Calgary-Based Web Developers

Our team can build and implement a strategy to attract clients, provide them with an interactive experience, and most importantly, convert their attention into money.

We're The Web Development Agency For You

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