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Local SEO is primarily about communicating to search engines the local relevance of your web pages. As a local Calgary SEO company, we use a variety of tools, techniques, and strategies to boost your online presence in our area.

Local link building, local citations, website optimization, and claiming your ‘Google Business Profile‘ are just a few of the things we offer.

Wordify, a rapidly growing local SEO Agency composed of local SEO specialists, can develop a customized results-driven plan to raise your SEO and conversions. Finally, our Local SEO services are intended to generate qualified website traffic and leads for your company.


Search Engine Optimization

What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO is an efficient method of marketing your business online since it allows you to promote your products and services to local clients at the exact time they are searching for them.

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How It Can Help Your Business Grow

In essence, it positions your website to be viewed by your local clients through a highly targeted marketing strategy.

Surprisingly, many businesses haven’t yet claimed their Google My Business listings, so this is a wonderful opportunity to use local SEO to elevate your rating and distinguish yourself from your competition.

You will expand your brand and draw in more specialized clients by working with a local SEO professional.

What Are the Benefits of Consistent Local SEO?

How Can You Increase My Local Listing on Google?

As a local SEO company, we have developed a set of exclusive local SEO strategies that we can modify to match the needs of each customer. There is no one-size-fits-all method for ensuring that every company ranks as well as it is capable of in local search.

Instead, we assess the needs of each business/client we work with and tailor a local SEO strategy that includes Google Business Profile listing optimization, general website SEO optimization, Google Maps optimization, locally-focused content marketing, local business citation optimization, and much more.

SEO Tips & Tricks

Our knowledgeable marketing consultants work with you to determine your digital marketing objectives and create a foundation for developing your SEO strategy.

Our SEOs provide on-page optimization to your website using our research and optimization map. We keep track of every change we make, which helps our team assess the plan’s efficacy.

We keep track of how well your site is performing by analyzing data from Google Analytics and Search Console. These insights can help us not only understand how your site is functioning, but also discover new opportunities and failures. It’s not quite a crystal ball, but it’s a close second!

We adjust our SEO strategy based on site performance data and continue to improve your search engine optimization. We can make any improvements to your optimization and continue to convert visitors into buyers by studying your analytics data.

Successful SEO Steps

We gain a clear understanding of your present position, strengths and shortcomings by studying  your website. We discover and prioritize the components of your website that will bring the most value using a comprehensive set of SEO tools.

Analyzing the actions of your competition is a tried and true way to set yourself apart. This also assists our SEO team in promoting your company’s capabilities while remaining aware of your industry’s competitive landscape.

This crucial phase entails a thorough examination of popular search phrases as well as important insights regarding how your customers search. Our team uses a variety of keyword tools to examine search volume, competition, and opportunity in order to ascertain the terms that are most useful for your company’s growth.

Our SEO specialists map out how your optimization strategy will be implemented successfully, allocating the relevant key phrases to the appropriate pages on your site. This vital step guarantees that when consumers search for phrases related to your business, products, or services, they find you.

Our team creates original material that is aimed to engage your customers and perform well in search engines with our content marketing services.

Our knowledgeable marketing consultants work with you to determine your digital marketing objectives and create a foundation for designing your SEO strategy.

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Opening The Doors For Local Customers

There are more mobile devices than humans on the planet. Our screens supply us with a rapid, convenient, and continuous connection, as well as the capacity to find answers to almost any query we may have. However, these questions are becoming increasingly local. Local intent is present in more than half of all ‘on the go’ searches. What is the best restaurant in this neighborhood? Where can I locate pet care services in my area? These are the search keywords for today. What does this mean for your company? That you must meet potential clients where they are: in your own country. Our Local SEO services can assist you.

Best SEO Services Calgary

Local SEO Results You Can See

If you need to connect with local customers, our local SEO services can assist you. We’ll boost your site’s local visibility so that you may outperform your competitors no matter where you are or how many locations you have.


The elements of local SEO success.

Potential clients must be able to locate you locally; our local SEO packages propel your company above the competition, and we keep you updated on progress at all times. Allow Google and other search engines to do the heavy lifting; we ensure your company is found ahead of your competitors.

Local SEO – fast results in Calgary.

Our goal is to support customers in acquiring online visibility, as well as leads and customers. Our SEO and marketing campaigns are created to help your company gain more online engagement. Our in-house experts examine your website’s digital assets as well as the digital content of your competitors. Providing clients with a top-notch SEO strategy while staying within your marketing budget.

The figures below show how important it is to have first-page results.

  • 90% of searches only check the first page of results
  • 75% of searches only check the first 5 results
  • 40% of traffic goes to the top-ranked page

Local SEO Research

The best way to ensure that you are reaching the right people is to conduct thorough research. Keyword and key phrase research, as well as competitor knowledge, will aid in the development of an SEO plan for your company.

Customer Reviews

As such, reviews on Google reviews make customers 38% more likely to visit your location, and 29% more likely to consider buying from you. 56% of consumers will click through to your full listing based strictly on your star rating. Not to mention increase your ranking on Google Maps.

Local SEO Results

Local SEO is a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that helps your business be more visible in local search results on Google. Any business that has a physical location or serves a geographic area can benefit from local SEO.

Our Organic Search Strategy

As a Calgary SEO firm, we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” strategy; instead, our SEO team will create and implement custom programs for each of our clients. Many SEO service providers concentrate solely on Google optimization.

However, we understand the importance of striking the right balance between ‘optimizing for your consumers’ – ensuring that they have the greatest possible experience when visiting your site – and raising your visibility in search engine results pages.

Calgary Digital Marketing Agency

Who is Local SEO for?

When it comes to local SEO, you might consider your neighborhood’s smaller companies, which range from restaurants and takeout to electricians and beauticians. However, local SEO is appropriate for any business with a local presence.

Whether you’re a major estate firm with multiple offices around Canada, a car dealership with showrooms across the province, or a caterer with multiple locations, local SEO should be an important component of your SEO plan. Otherwise, you risk losing valued customers.

We rank your local pages in search engines using a two-pronged approach that combines on-site local SEO tactics and Google My Business Optimization.

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